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One of my goals for [livejournal.com profile] mission101 is to run three fanwork-a-thons. I've done two so far, so I might as well finish this goal up. Especially since we're now nearing summer, where people will have more time. I'll probably start the submission period for prompts at the start of June, and then the fanwork-a-thon writing time will be from July through to the beginning of September.

The general format of my fanwork-a-thons involves people submitting prompts, and prompts being put into a list. People can write stuff for the same prompt, write as much as they want, etc, etc. Flexible.

[Poll #1189788]

Any further thoughts/suggestions are welcome, just comment.
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Hey guys! That was pretty awesome, even if certain people didn't get things done when they promised. :p So here's the listing of everything from the fanwork-a-thon. If anything's miscategorised due to lack of headers, tell me and I'll move sections. Haven't had chance to read everything yet, but reading and commenting on all these is encouraged.

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And that's all. :) If you finish anything for one of the prompts within the next month or so, feel free to comment here and I'll add it. If you want another fanwork-a-thon to play in, [livejournal.com profile] irishais is running a general sorceressy one here! :D
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Hey guys! Altogether we gathered one hundred and thirty-four prompts: one hundred and twenty six for fic, eight for art. :) Just to refresh your memories, here go the rules.

1) Pick from these prompts however many you like, and write, icon or draw. Although they're grouped into "fic", "icon" and "art" groups, if something inspires you, feel free to cross sections. The same goes for general/het/femmeslash. You can pick your own prompts to write for, if you so wish. Nobody is going to know, and more fic about Rinoa is more fic about Rinoa is more fic about Rinoa. Comment with what you've picked so people can see which prompts are under-represented and such. Despite that, people can pick the same prompts if they wish, or even do a couple of takes on the same prompt themselves. Unlike many ficathons, there is no minimum word count. If you think you can write a spectacular fic in three sentences, try it!
2) If you think I've left out one of your prompts or if you think I've mislisted one of your prompts, let me know ASAP. I've tried to strip personal comment out of each prompt, leaving just the prompt. I also stripped out one or two that I thought might lead to bashing-fic, which definitely isn't the point of this fanwork-a-thon. (Whether the bashing be of Rinoa or Squall. Or Quistis. Or anyone.) I will also not list any fics that end up being all "Rinoa is an idiot wh0re lololol". For obvious reasons, I think!
3) Once you've completed something for it, post it, preferably on LiveJournal, and then leave a link in the comments of this post.
4) On the first of April, I will post a list of all the things submitted in the comments here. I may include a section for late arrivals which I'll update for an indefinite amount of time, but don't count on it.
5) As with the Irvine fanwork-a-thon in the past, everybody must blame Sev ([livejournal.com profile] first_seventhe). I suppose I'm to blame too. Yeah. Blame me and Sev.
6) Pimping of this is very, very welcome.

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Following the relative success of various fanwork-a-thons (mostly the Irvine one), and with a little bit of urging, I'm going to run one for Rinoa. 8D And the rules go like this:

1) You submit prompts, to this post, by around the 11th of February. It'll give you a bit of time to think. You can submit as many prompts as you like, and they can be short, e.g. "Squall/Rinoa; cold" or long, detailed and plotty. It doesn't have to be a fic prompt, either. If you have a good idea for an icon, but not the skills to make it, describe it; someone might be able to make it. The same goes for artwork and the like.
1b) It is fairly obvious that any prompt that would involve warping Rinoa's character beyond all recognition is out.
2) On the 12th of February at the latest, I'll post a list of all the prompts. You comment and say which ones you're doing, so people get an idea of who's doing what, although two or more people can write for the same prompt. They'll be posted in categories, but it's flexible -- if you see a fic prompt you want to do art for, that's fine!
3) By April 1st, you should have commented to the post with a link to whatever you've written, made or drawn. I'll collect those links and post them up in a list for people to browse through.

Okay, have at it! Anything (that contains Rinoa) goes.

Edit: Alright, submission period is up! The list of prompts is up here.
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