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Birthdate:Aug 20
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Hi, whoever you are, this is [personal profile] wilderthan/[personal profile] shanaqui/[personal profile] edenbound! This journal holds stuff to do with claims, tables and such, and also snippets of stuff I'm working on, which may or may not be exciting. Depending on how enthused I get about something, there might also be planning posts, progress reports, or "help, I fell down a plothole" screams for help. Most often, though, I'm finding myself posting book reviews here. I welcome discussions of them! This is where the personal and the fandom touch, so you might get to know me a bit better than you did on my ficjournal, or you might get to know more of the workings of my writing if you know me from my personal journal. And you might get chance to request fic from me.

Needless to say, if you're not welcome on either of those journals, you're equally unwelcome here. That applies to a very narrow bunch of people -- spammers, flamers, people who stir up wank by their mere presence. Please keep a civil tongue in your mouth (civil fingers on your keyboards?) and we'll probably get on fine!

Snippets and such on this journal are unpolished and likely to change before they join the rest of the fic. Most likely they're just there to tease my fiancée, and anyone else who wants to know what I'm working on.

This journal mirrors the one on LiveJournal: you can follow me on either service and get more or less the same. The only problem is in imported posts that contain links: they will likely lead to LJ, and older posts may or may not be updated.

In general, tags should be pretty intuitive. Snippets are tagged with "snippets" and then the names of characters and the fandom involved. Reviews are tagged with "reviews" and sometimes author's names (if I'm likely to read more of that author's stuff or talk about them again).

Disclaimer: This is a fandom journal, which will mean discussion of copyrighted material and the like, which I don't own, and will never claim to. Depictions of violent or morally dubious situations aren't intended to glorify or encourage such behaviour, merely to discuss it in the context of fiction.

Layout credit goes to [personal profile] sforzinda.
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