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I know my last recs post was fairly recent, but my del.icio.us account has been amassing quite a few links in the meantime. Probably due to me reading more fic. If we talk on IM often, share the same flist content, share fic recommendations or you watch my del.icio.us, then you've probably seen all these before.

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Yesterday I finally finished my multi-chapter fic, Loyalty (The Dark Is Rising, no real pairings, one semi-OC). Originally when I wrote that the intention was to write something plotty, something I could really sink my teeth into writing. Although if you see subtext there, it's likely no coincidence. >>;

Anyway, as I was finishing up the last chapter, I was wondering about where I thought the characters would go.

Cut in case you don't want to know )

Anyway, what thoughts? Anyone interested in reading the sequel? I know most people who read my TDIR stuff are either there for the genfic or prefer Will/Bran, though. I should really get round to writing my epic Simon/Will fic and converting some people. Or maybe I'll convert the Simon/Bran/Will RP to fic. :p
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Fandom: The Dark Is Rising
For: Loyalty chapter seven
Quality: Barely checked
Characters: Jane, Simon, Will, OC

Take us all home )
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Fandom: The Dark is Rising
For: Loyalty chapter six
Quality: Checked once, posted to prove I'm working on something
Characters: Will, Barney, Simon

Clap of thunder )
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Fandom: The Dark Is Rising
For: Will/Bran fic for [livejournal.com profile] darthanne
Quality: Checked once
Characters: Bran, Will, Simon

Stitched up )
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Fandom: The Dark is Rising
For: Simon/Barney first time smut
Quality: Barely checked
Characters: Simon, Barney
Warning: Incest, naked people

Clever enough )
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Fandom: The Dark is Rising
For: Loyalty chapter six
Quality: Barely checked
Characters: Bran, Barney, Simon, John, Will

Worth a try )
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Fandom: The Dark Is Rising
For: Loyalty chapter five
Quality: Barely checked, will be tweaked
Characters: Bran, Barney, John, Will, Simon

Take up your arms )
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Fandom: The Dark Is Rising
For: Loyalty chapter three
Quality: Unchecked
Characters: Bran, Simon

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I actually started writing the next chapter of Loyalty already. I just got to around a thousand words, barely even trying. It seemed to flow better than usual, but perhaps that's because it was a scene with Bran and Barney, and those always flow easiest.

I love that I'm writing gen, here. The funny thing is that, to me, there are so many potential underlying pairings, and I keep hinting at them all, yet it could all just be friendship. In the first chapter, it was mostly Bran/Will and a little Bran/Jane. In the second I got in Simon/Will and Will/Barney, along with a little more Bran/Jane. I realised that I don't think I have a Will/Jane scene anywhere, but that suits me fine, it sort of fits with the focus being mainly kept on the Bran-Jane-OC connections.

First bit of this third chapter is Bran/Barney, though. I'm playing more with the idea of Barney's scrying, but this time with Bran to help him, not Will. I'd do another snippet, but I like the whole scene and it's too hard to decide which bit to give a sneak preview of.

I love all the planning I've put into this fic, too. It's part of what makes it so easy to write. And it allows me to play around with things, too. Like, with Simon. He's started doubting the Light and so on. There'll be three specific points where he denies the power of the Light, and three specific points where he affirms it. That's a deliberate Biblical connection with Simon Peter, who denied and affirmed Jesus thrice each.

Really, it's the different bit of mythology and the different references that I love. I thought I'd slid in one to the Mabinogion, which would be most appropriate, but I can't find where in my planning.

Two chapters down, one in progress, four more after that. I love writing this fic.


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