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Another recs post! I've been doing this as I go along, and I'm posting this on only-just-Friday-morning because I'm on holiday and travelling today. Anyway, I even have a meta section this time! Enjoy.

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Final Fantasy VIII's Rinoa is often quite disliked. I can see why people dislike her character, too, though replaying the game once I was slightly more mature I tried to look for what was interesting in her, what was realistic about her. I don't mind, though, when people just can't stand her.

What I mind, though, is when someone says they don't like her because she's [quote] "a silly slut". There is absolutely no evidence for that in the game -- she has a romantic plot with Squall and a past with Seifer is implied. If that makes her a slut, I despair of the world entirely.

I hate the trend of flinging the word "slut" around, in its entirely -- I hate it when I see it applied to any female character because nine times out of ten, it's just knee-jerk "oh noez [female character] stole my bishie, fuck u wh0re diiiie" and/or "oh noez [female character] broke up [slash pairing], fuck u wh0re diiie".

This just in: Rinoa Heartilly is not a slut. Switching fandoms, neither is Anna Milton, or Jo Harvelle, or Cassie Robinson, or Jessica Moore... (SPN fandom is a big culprit.)

Dean Winchester? Probably a slut.

When/if I run the Women of SPN Big Bang, I think I'm going to ban the word slut.
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Let's talk about fickinks! By which I mean, plots or situations in fics that never fail to interest you. Actually, there are some examples of mine in the actual text of some fandoms, which makes me happy. But I still call them fickinks. I've got some fandom specific ones and three or four main general ones (and then, under the cut, the actual sex-related kinks!).

Absolute loyalty

The best example of this is Juubei, from GetBackers. He believes he was born to protect Kazuki. He'd give up anything and everything for the sake of Kazuki. There's also Simon, from Firefly, who canonically gives up everything he has for his sister's sake -- using up all his (considerable!) fortune, leaving the job he loves, turning the rest of his family against him, losing everything he has, and going to get her out of the Academy.

(Partner) betrayal

I love, for some reason, reading about (or mostly roleplaying) betrayal. Mostly partner betrayal, although Juubei's canonical betrayal of Kazuki slays me too. There's just something really interesting about someone turning on the person that they're supposed to be devoted to.

And let's face it, I really like reading about the whole desperation of "we shouldn't be together, I'm married".

I suppose "we shouldn't be together, but to hell with that for this one time" is a sort of subset of this. Although it may be caused by other factors than partner betrayal.


I really don't know why, but a sighted character becoming blind is something that really interests me. Again, canonically, Juubei ends up blinded as a result of his betrayal of and loyalty to Kazuki, which is possibly why he's one of my favourite characters ever.


This isn't really a main fickink, but I do love it when someone gets the power to know more than they should know. River, canonically, is awesome for this. I've also played psychic!Simon (several times), mindreading between "soulmates", and psychic!Barney. It's fun to try and imagine what it, realistically, would be like.

The idea of someone in the real world being psychic creeps me out like you wouldn't believe, though.


The fact that I nearly always write Seifer as having been controlled and/or severely manipulated by Ultimecia sort of speaks for itself.


Simon with guns. When Simon goes against the Hippocratic Oath, there's got to be something really interesting going on in his head. The three times he takes up weapons in the course of the series (the pilot, War Stories and in the movie) really, really interest me. Of course, he doesn't really go through with shooting anyone (unless he gets some Reavers in Serenity, but I don't actually think so). So I love fic where he does.

This would possibly apply to any character who for some reason shouldn't have a gun, whether they're pacifist or a medic.

The Dark Is Rising

Barney being prescient. The last time I reread, I went through and noted all kinds of places where he seems to sense more than the others do. And of course, in Greenwitch he actually scrys. I like exploring the idea that when he grows up, he can control the scrying or he becomes stronger in it or whatever.

Smut fickinks! (No real details, just a list) )

So now you all know how to push my buttons.

I say all this because I'm interested. Who else has fickinks? What are they? As much/as little explanation as you like. Does anyone else have a weird liking for putting guns in a doctor's hands?
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Last time, del.icio.us spazzed on me a bit and didn't show all the fics I'd bookmarked to rec. Being somewhat in pain at the time (first day of trying to get healthier by cycling a lot: owww, my butt), I didn't realise. So you can have them (and some newer ones) now. :D As ever, if you watch my del.icio.us or talk to me a lot, you've probably seen them. You might even have saved the bookmark originally only for me to steal it shamelessly. XD

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Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII
For: Seifer/Squall longfic
Quality: Barely checked
Characeters: Seifer, Squall, Quistis, Xu

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Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII
For: Seifer/Squall longfic
Quality: Barely checked
Characters: Seifer, Quistis, Squall, Xu
Note: I am determined to write this story. So I'm posting this, to help guilt myself into it. And to prove I am working on it, now. This is going in a very slightly different direction than the first snippet I posted for it (Red and Purple), so the two don't quite mesh, but it's got the same destination.

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Since I'm procrastinating on writing -- just a little -- and no more ideas have come to me for the Will/Bran fanmix, I thought I'd do another recs post. Since it's been ages and all.

If we talk on IM often or you watch my del.icio.us, you've seen all these before.

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And, for a bonus, a site rec. The Dark Is Rising: A Fanfic Writer's Guide. There's so much information on this site, background as well as actually from the books. Even I, who specialise in knowing tiny details like the date of their Easter holidays in Greenwitch, learnt something new here. It's interesting as background reading, not just if you want to write fic.
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Taking a break from FFIII (for which I will have a review later, because I want to get down my thoughts about it) to bring you some recs, since I've been organising my bookmarks into my del.icio.us account. Some of these I've no doubt recced before, but it doesn't hurt to do it again.

I have no idea why most of these are smutfic, but I suppose it's because a good smutfic is a real gem and thus are the ones that I bookmarked in the past. The little teasers are, because of this, not entirely worksafe. My notes on each fic are in places not very useful/coherent, but basically, I suggest you read these fics!

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Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII
For: Seifer/Squall longfic
Quality: Been over twice, may change still
Characters: Seifer, Squall, Xu, Quistis

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