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I know my last recs post was fairly recent, but my del.icio.us account has been amassing quite a few links in the meantime. Probably due to me reading more fic. If we talk on IM often, share the same flist content, share fic recommendations or you watch my del.icio.us, then you've probably seen all these before.

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I don't know if my thoughts on the game are at all interesting or helpful, but on I go. 8D I am, of course, from the UK, so my copy of the game was the American one, imported by nefarious means from Hong Kong. >)

I think it took me about forty hours to complete the game. And a lot of that was levelling up and doing side missions. I thought it was cute. Not spectacularly heavy on plot, with a somewhat unsatisfying ending, but I did enjoy playing it and my attention didn't wander from it too much. The secret ending was kinda cute, but not worth all that effort!

The gameplay was okay. It could be frustratingly like Tactics Advance (i.e. very frustrating and slow), and a lot of the side missions were annoyingly hard. I wish I could've set more gambits. The summoning was pretty useful, though it annoyed me that you can't summon more than one level three monster at once. If I could've summoned Mateus twice, oh the havoc I could have caused. It isn't hard to get all the pacts, and I had piles and piles of auracite left once I'd finished the ring of pacts.

The graphics during the FMVs were gorgeous. The graphics during normal gameplay were okay, but I wish that when the 'camera' zoomed in, they'd looked a bit less pixellated. Still, maybe I'm just spoilt by the expressiveness of the faces even in normal scenes, in FFXII itself.

All in all: it was fun, and a challenge, but I needn't have put off writing for my claim at [livejournal.com profile] the_sandsea in case new revelations about character came up.
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Time for some more recs, since I have plenty saved in my del.icio.us account. xD As ever, if we talk on IM often, share the same general flist content, or you watch my del.icio.us, you've seen all these before. Check the tags to see what fandoms/pairings I've recced this time. :D

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Since I'm procrastinating on writing -- just a little -- and no more ideas have come to me for the Will/Bran fanmix, I thought I'd do another recs post. Since it's been ages and all.

If we talk on IM often or you watch my del.icio.us, you've seen all these before.

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And, for a bonus, a site rec. The Dark Is Rising: A Fanfic Writer's Guide. There's so much information on this site, background as well as actually from the books. Even I, who specialise in knowing tiny details like the date of their Easter holidays in Greenwitch, learnt something new here. It's interesting as background reading, not just if you want to write fic.
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Taking a break from FFIII (for which I will have a review later, because I want to get down my thoughts about it) to bring you some recs, since I've been organising my bookmarks into my del.icio.us account. Some of these I've no doubt recced before, but it doesn't hurt to do it again.

I have no idea why most of these are smutfic, but I suppose it's because a good smutfic is a real gem and thus are the ones that I bookmarked in the past. The little teasers are, because of this, not entirely worksafe. My notes on each fic are in places not very useful/coherent, but basically, I suggest you read these fics!

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