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Jul. 2nd, 2010 06:53 pm
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Recs! Haven't had any for a while.



Wherefore the Elephant Toaster?, by [ profile] lassiterfics
Characters: Sam, Dean, Castiel
Rating: H for fruit bowl, warning: dadaism
Teaser: "Wattle thesis!" Dean snaps. "Jersey cake my fallopian, the chimney boobie fruit--" He cuts himself off, glaring straight ahead, and Sam watches his jaw clench and unclench.
Notes: Just... hilarious.

The Girlfriend Experience, by [ profile] rageprufrock
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Rating: NC17
Teaser: "Well if human penises weren't so unruly, we wouldn't have to!" Cas yells back, red cheeked and belligerent. "I was so distracted by its tumescence earlier today I could barely function!"
Notes: Heee. Funny and hot.



You're the storm that I believe in, by [personal profile] frigg
Character: Merlin
Rating: SFW
Notes: Merlin! In armour!


Learning Curve, by [ profile] shirozora
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Rating: SFW
Notes: Pretty!

Rec - SPN

Jun. 5th, 2010 12:13 am
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I have literally one rec, this Friday, and it's an SPN fanart.


Weak and Powerless, by tehluv
Characters: Dean, Castiel
Rating: SFW
Notes: Lovely and moody.
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Not much to rec, today.

Fic: Supernatural )

Art: Supernatural )
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Another extra for Right Where We Belong, my [ profile] au_bigbang fic! Back when I did the [ profile] kink_bigbang, I made an author's mix for it, so I thought I'd do something like that again. This time, instead of snippets, since you got snippets when I did the promo, I'm going to explain a bit about why I chose the songs. Thanks, [personal profile] feywood, for the help putting it together. ♥

There are spoilers for the fic in my commentary.

You can download the mix here, or listen to it on Spotify here.

You can read the fic here!

Cut for length and spoilers )
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Tomorrow, I'll be posting my [ profile] au_bigbang fic. In honour of that, considering it involves a character who can't speak, I'm going to rec some of my favourite Supernatural fics involving some kind of disability. My [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang fic will also involve blindness, so this will remain topical.

If you know of any other good ones -- any pairing or none! -- let me know. I'm suffering from a lack of gen, considering both my Big Bangs are gen.

Unsaid, by [as yet unknown author]
Relevance: Dean is deaf, Castiel is mute.
Characters/Pairing: Dean, Castiel, Sam, assorted cast (Dean/Castiel
They make a good pair, the deaf boy and the mute angel.
At least, that’s what Dean figures the people in charge of the orphanage thought when they stuck them in the same room. Not that anyone knows Cas is an angel. Not like anyone would believe that.

Notes: This is a sweet AU. Not as totally AU as I thought, actually, but quite. There's no magical healing at all, just dealing with it.

My Eyes Are An Ocean, by [ profile] entangled_now
Relevance: Dean is blind.
Characters/Pairing: Dean, Castiel, Sam, Bobby (Dean/Castiel)
Rating: NC17
Dean can't tell what time it is, or if it's daylight, he can't tell if it's cloudy, or raining, or hell even if the curtains are open.
But he does know one thing.
The world smells like breakfast.
Which is a pretty good start.

Notes: This fic deals with the fact that there's magic and angels and a hope of healing by making it a trade. It doesn't come easy. It reminds me of the gods' interventions in the Fionavar Tapestry, somehow -- earned, not a gift. I don't like the sequel as much because, for me, it takes away some of that. But this is gorgeous. Love, and sacrifice, and hope.

Unsuffer Me, by [as yet unknown author]
Relevance: Dean is deaf, scarred, and apparently mute.
Characters/Pairing: Dean, Sam, Bobby, Castiel (Dean/Castiel)
Rating: NC17
After the end of the world I just wanted to rest and chill out, not to re-build my life from scratch around the fact that I can’t hear shit and that I look like the fucking phantom of the Opera.
Notes: This was written especially for me, and it's so awesome. It covers a long healing process, both of Dean's own body and his relationships to other people. There's magic, an acknowledgement of the potential for that kind of healing, but it's thwarted and things don't quite work out the ideal way. Which is the way life works.

You can now read my fic here!

Recs: SPN

May. 8th, 2010 11:53 am
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I had this ready to post yesterday and... forgot it was Friday. So here goes now.

Fic: SPN )

Art: SPN )

And some recommended reading for everybody: [personal profile] synecdochic's Why Modesty is a Dirty Fucking Word.
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It's nearly time for posting to start on [ profile] au_bigbang. I have been waiting impatiently to make this post since the end of March. Consider this a heads up: there is going to be a ton of awesome fic over at [ profile] au_bigbang, very soon.

In particular, there's going to be my fic, "Right Where We Belong", on the 10th. Summary: When John dies, Dean ends up at the roadhouse and is brought up by Ellen as Jo's big brother. Growing up there is no protection, though -- not when the apocalypse is about to start.

It includes: woobie!Dean, badass!Ellen, bratty!Jo, clueless!Castiel and misguided!Sam! There is angst! There is violence! Dean is mute and scarred and did I mention woobie? And the world is saved by hugging!

I am not even joking.

As I was writing this fic, for some reason, I started to think about a drinking game for it. By way of promo for the fic, I am going to post the rules for that drinking game right now.

Right Where We Belong, or The One In Which Hugs Saved The World: A Drinking Game

It's like this. Take a drink:

Rules under the cut, with teasers! )

Alternatively, grab a bottle of your chosen beverage, click on the cut tag, and start drinking. Keep drinking. No, really, keep on drinking. Don't stop. And -- no, get another bottle. Really! Keep drinking!

Disclaimer: If you drink water each time, you are going to be needing the toilet a lot. If you drink alcohol, well. I'll allow you to hold off on leaving me feedback until after you've had your stomach pumped. I do not accept responsibility for anything that happens to you if you actually attempt to put these rules into practice, they are a joke.

You can now read the fic here!
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Not a lot I want to rec now -- all fic, all Supernatural.

Through Dooms of Love, by [ profile] ladytelemachus
Characters: Dean, Castiel, Claire (Dean/Castiel)
Rating: PG
Teaser: It’s the car she recognises first, when she comes out of her Civil War seminar with a stack of books clutched against her ribs. It’s still sleek and black and devilish, and she remembers the waxy feel of the seats and the tremble of the engine from a night years ago. It stops her in her tracks and taps insistently at the brave face she’s been keeping together for twelve years.
Notes: Now I want more fic with Claire...

Calling Dibs, Fulcrum, and Not Normal (So What Else Is New?), by [ profile] scaramouche
Pairing: Sam/Dean/Castiel
Rating: NC17
Teaser: A part of Dean will never get over the fact that Sam got to have Cas first. After all, Dean’s the one who found Cas – who was found by Cas – first. Dean has Cas’ first smile, first drink, first drop of freely-offered blood, so in the selfish part of Dean’s heart that isn’t content with the fact that Cas turned his back on all of Heaven for him, he wishes it was he who gave Cas his first orgasm.

Boys Like They're Girls, Girls Like They're Boys, by [ profile] ciaan
Pairing: Sam/Jess
Rating: NC17
Teaser: "Better get started then, or I might think you're all talk."
Notes: Sam, Jess, and pegging. I read most of the Sam/Jess that comes my way, and it's good to see something like this, too.
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Another recs post! I've been doing this as I go along, and I'm posting this on only-just-Friday-morning because I'm on holiday and travelling today. Anyway, I even have a meta section this time! Enjoy.

Fic: Sherlock Holmes, SPN )


Meta: Sherlock Holmes )
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I put doing regular recs posts on my new 101/1001 list, so here we go.

Fic: Anne of Green Gables, Supernatural )

Art: FFX, Supernatural )
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Recs again! I didn't think it'd been so long, but I've got quite the list of bookmarks since then, so here we go.

Fandoms for the fic recs: Supernatural.
Fandoms for the art recs: Final Fantasy, Good Omens, Merlin, Supernatural.

Fic: Supernatural )

Art: Final Fantasy, Good Omens, Merlin, Supernatural )
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It has been a very, very long time since I posted any recs. I have fandom hopped since then! Since I have so very very many bookmarked since that time, I'm going to try and be selective, but it's still likely to be a long list. It's funny, there are also a lot of fics I've bookmarked that definitely have their flaws, but that I love for something perfect inside them. So I'll give those some love too. It's not just the absolutely perfect ones, here.

Fandoms for the fic recs: Digital Devil Saga, Final Fantasy IV, Merlin, Persona 3, RPS, Supernatural, The Dark is Rising.
Fandoms for the art recs: Digital Devil Saga, Supernatural.

Fic )

Art )

And, well. I write a lot. And I don't often, these days, crosspost a lot. So there is a lot of my fic that I don't feel has got the attention that maybe it deserves. So, for posterity, here goes. Some self-recs. I do not promise brilliance, and nor will I pretend ambivalence. I think my fics are awesome; that much is obvious.

Fandoms: Supernatural, The Dark Is Rising.

My own fics )


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