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I've read some Pratchett before, quite a while ago, and don't remember much about it, and of course, I've read Good Omens, the book he wrote with Neil Gaiman. So Nation isn't exactly an introduction to Pratchett for me, but maybe a reintroduction. As far as I can tell it isn't exactly typical of Pratchett, since it stands completely alone.

I liked it. I didn't get that into it, really, but I was still interested enough to keep turning the pages and finish it in one day -- not quite interested enough to stop me browsing my bookshelves for something else to read alongside it, though. It's set in an alternate universe to this one and there's a lot of world-building and discussion of belief and people's reasons for it, and making a community. And there's a real grief in it, too, and people trying to deal with the grief. The little community, trying to figure out a life from what's left behind after a tidal wave, is interesting. But it never really sparked with me, somehow.

There are definitely some awesome quotes in it, though. I especially liked the one about being in a Jane Austen novel, except with less clothes. And the King being thoroughly 'daughtered'. I recognise this as a truth: it happens even with me and my dad.


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