Apr. 28th, 2013

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Hi, Readathoners! Welcome to hour 23, and the accompanying mini-challenge. To give your brains a break from all the words (should you need it), my challenge is pretty simple: guess which author each photo/picture portrays. Some are more well-known than others; I've tried to pick a range of genres to give people a chance.

I'm sorry that this challenge is only really for sighted readers -- next time I'll try and come up with something a bit more universal.

1. Guess the author identities for as many of the photos as you can and post your answer as a reply to this post, or give me a link to your own blog post where you've completed the challenge. Remember to leave a way for me to get in contact with you!
2. Anyone who gets all five authors in a category, or eight authors overall, will be entered into the draw. You get your name put in multiple times if you guess all the authors in multiple categories correctly.
3. When time is up, I'll pick someone from that group, or whoever got the most if I've made the game too difficult, and they can have one book (below £15/$20 in price!) by any of the authors mentioned in the challenge. I will send it via The Book Depository anywhere they ship to, on the 1st May.
4. ETA: I've had to put this up early 'cause I feel sick. Early participants will still be entered into my draw.

Fantasy/sci-fi authors )

Historical fiction authors )

Authors of the classics )

Detective/mystery authors )

As suggested by someone, I'm screening replies so people's correct answers can't be copied! Which means I will let you know how well you're doing.


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