Oct. 19th, 2011

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I've been in a rut with reading for a while. That's partly due to mental health issues, partly due to the fact that I've just started my master's degree and I'm getting into the swing of reading and research for that. (Just completed the best mini-project ever, research-wise: dragons!)

Anyway, the point is, the 24-hour readathon is coming up -- this Saturday, in fact. And I'm free weekends. In fact, I'm free most of the week, so I even get plenty of time to recover. So despite my general lack of get-up-and-go when it comes to reading, I'm hoping this event is going to help me catch up a bit and find my feet. I have a long, long list of books I may read, to provide me with something to direct my reading, without limiting my options too much. I've got a load of books I'm stranded halfway through, so I'm hoping to read those, and others I've got that I've been meaning to read for weeks or months. Others that just appealed.

Because I love lists, I've actually made lists of books for each group separately!

Take a look-see )

Of course, even that I'm not taking as a limitation -- just a sense of direction. If something else appeals, hey, I'll go for it.

What should I start with? Something I'm already partway through, for an easy (or quicker, anyway) way to finish off a first book, or start with something fresh to get me turning pages?


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